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Spring Games Series

Spring Games 4
to May 7

Spring Games 4

Firebreathers, Average Joe's and Masters. We got you!

Registration for INDIVIDUALS is LIVE. This includes all age groups of Masters from 35-60+ with Rx and Scaled/Novice Divisions. Team registration is being released later in the week. The first 30 registered receive $10 off registration along with a FREE shirt and an entry for giveaways on the day of the event. In the past we have always given out Go Pro cameras, Shoes, Barbells, Rowers, Backpacks etc.

This year we are rewarding the gym with the most registrations as well with their own take home prize.

This year we are going to keep things simple and fun so you'll know right where you need to be for registration. Initial details are below and we will continually update as we move forward toward the event day.

*This year may be two separate days based on registration. Our plan is, if need be, to run Teams one day and Individuals the next. If weather permits, we may not need to. Please feel free to present any questions you may have at all times here or email us at team@speedshopathletics.com or call 330-720-8699.*

Initial Requirements:
Rx (Non-Masters)
*Be able to perform all standard gymnastics as seen in the Open including HSPU, Walks, T2B and MU.
*Be able to perform Double Unders and Rope Climbs.
*Be able to properly use Rowers, Ski Ergs and Bikes if needed.

Masters/Inter/Novice (More Info to come after further testing)
*Be able to properly perform all weightlifting movements including Olympic and Power lifts. (Further scaling will ALWAYS be available)
*Gymnastics movements are a plus. You may be given the opportunity to attempt them.
*Be able to properly use Rowers, Ski Ergs and Bikes if needed.

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Spring Games 3 (2016)

Registration Opening Soon!

Join us in our flagship Team CrossFit Competition. Cash Prizes and Giveaways. All skill levels welcome. Teams consist of (2) Males and (2) females. We will be hosting teams from all over. Make sure you save the date! We will also need volunteers to help us keep things running smoothly! (Includes a FREE Event T-Shirt).

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